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Temporary Set-up


The pilot holes for the pegs were drilled at an earlier stage and now I am using a tapered reamer to open the holes ready for fitting the pegs.


The pegs are now shaved down using a tool like a pencil sharpener. It puts a taper on the pegs that matches the taper in the peg hole. I am putting these old pegs in as a temporary measure to allow me to set the violin up "in the white". I will fit the final pegs when the player has chosen them.


The pegs have been fitted, the soundpost installed and the instrument has been strung up with a temporary bridge and tailpiece. The player will now have the opportunity to check out the "feel" of the violin and small adjustments to properties such as the neck profile can be made at this stage.


I generally set the neck width at the nut at 24mm. This is a fairly standard measurement but some players like it a bit narrower. Conor has checked the violin with its temporary set-up and would prefer the neck width slightly reduced. I will take the neck width down to give a nut width of about 23mm and the instrument will then be stripped down, the fingerboard removed and preparations for varnishing will begin.


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